Brooke Bond Red Label takes #Unstereotype a step further during International Dwarfism Awareness Month

November 2nd, 2017

Mumbai: Brooke Bond Red Label has always put inclusiveness at the core of its initiatives. With the purpose of making the world a more welcoming place, Red Label follows the theme of overcoming inhibitions based on prejudices, social barriers and taboos. Brooke Bond Red Label aims to engage consumers, and society at large in meaningful discussions around these topics.
Brooke Bond Red Label attempts to challenge stereotypes that surround little people. The brand released a thought provoking film during International Dwarfism Awareness Month, to help change some misconceptions around people of short stature.
The second in the brand’s series of #Unstereotype videos, Brooke Bond Red Label chooses to bring to the fore something that isn’t often discussed or spoken about. The film shows a young college girl’s friends marveling at her father’s interest in adventure sports, but are taken aback when they meet him and discover that he is a person of short stature. The resultant awkwardness dissipated over steaming cups of Brooke Bond Red Label tea.
The short film stars Mark Dharmai as the father. Mark is himself an accomplished para-badminton player, currently ranked eighth in the world. He has won many medals for the country and is a living example of #unstereotype.
Video credentials:
Campaign:                                  #unstereotype International Dwarfism Awareness Day
Client:                                           Hindustan Unilever Limited
Brand:                                           Brooke Bond Red Label Tea
Agency & Production House:          Prime Focus Technologies Limited
Associate Vice President:               Pranav Chaturvedi
Associate Creative Director:            Rajdeep Ghosh
Copywriter:                                   Farhana Khan
Client Servicing:                            Umesh Bopche, Meera Ghare & Zeel Shah
Production Head:                           Vishal Shetty
Director:                                       Anand Karir
Director of Photography:                 Bijitesh De
Music:                                           Hanif Shaikh
Source:BrandsDisplay Team
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