Kick-start your college life with Bausch and Lomb’s iconnect contact lenses

October 7th, 2017

Mumbai:Ever thought you could have used those Rs. 200 spent on a burger for something better and long lasting? Have you just started college and want to get out of that look you’ve had since 6th grade? Look no further! Bausch & Lomb’s iconnect youth contact lens allows you to do this, so get rid of those glasses and step up your game. Bausch & Lomb’s iconnect contact lenses help you to change your look at an affordable price of just Rs. 200 per month*. Make a statement as you step into your college. Don’t join a clique, make one using your newfound style quotient.

* Rs 200 if you buy two iconnect packs of 3 contact lenses @ Rs299 each.

Source:BrandsDisplay Team

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