Kokuyo Camlin Launches Colouring Kit for Adults

October 24th, 2017

Mumbai,: Kokuyo Camlin, known for its innovative stationery and colouring products has recently launched the Adult Colouring Kit. Colouring as an activity is generally associated with kids and not adults but given the global trend of adult colouring books becoming immensely popular across the world, it turns out that adults too have been pursuing coloring as a hobby – especially since it is known to have a calming effect on the mind and a great stress buster.

According to psychologists, Colouring activity can have a de-stressing effect with adults because when we focus on a certain activity, we are thoroughly involved with that activity and not our worries simultaneously it also reinvigorates our imagination and takes us back to our childhood days when we were happy and less stressed.

Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd said, “In countries like Europe and North America, coloring books for adults have become immensely popular. We have launched the Adult Coloring kits — keeping in mind that it will encourage adults to pursue colouring as a hobby. Also art therapists and researchers have been touting the therapeutic benefits of coloring for quite some time. We hope that the Adult Coloring Kits will become immensely popular with adults in India too.”

The Kokuyo Camlin Adult Colouring Kit comes along with 24 shades of Camlin Bi-Colour Pencils, Sharpener and a Colouring Book which has 32 hand-drawn illustrations of mandalas, animals, flowers and forests. It is available at all retails stores at a price of Rs 399/-

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