Reebok India and Kangana Ranaut address the issue of ‘Inequality in pay’ as part of FitToFight 2.0

October 27th, 2017

Mumbai:After the successful launch of the second edition of #FitToFight campaign last month, where the brand became the voice against eve-teasing, Reebok is back to target another key issue – inequality in pay. According to a recent report by Accenture, the gender pay gap in the country is clearly evident with men earning 67% more than their women counterparts. To address a striking problem faced by women across strata and be the voice that empowers them, acknowledging their role and contribution in the workplace, Reebok India and brand ambassador Kangana have joined hands.
With strong visuals and a hard-hitting narrative, the new film from Reebok shows the unfortunate truth that women have been put to the pit against men at work, but are not gratified at par. Women have been an embodiment of strength, and have successfully been juggling diverse roles at work and home. Yet, when it comes to being rewarded for their contribution at work, neither are they given their due nor compensated fairly.
Gender stereotypes have been prevalent in the society for decades now and continue to be a part of the deep rooted mental orthodoxy. The fight against which requires mental fitness to persevere and stand up for get what is rightfully theirs.
Speaking on the issue and #FitToFight campaign, Silvia Tallon, Senior Marketing Director, Reebok India, said, “Reebok encourages one to be physically, socially and mentally fit in their lives. As a women first brand, It is imperative for us to address challenging issues and situations faced by women in society. Through our hard-hitting film on inequality in pay, we are supporting the woman who is vocal in demanding her right and fights for equality. Our aim is to encourage women to draw their inner strength and confidence and not stand down in face of challenges; but own them and win them over. I am positive the voice of Reebok will give women the strength to speak up and ask for what is rightfully theirs, without any hesitation or self-doubt.”
Talking about this harsh reality, many industry stalwarts have voiced their strong opinions on the existing scenario (of inequality in pay) in the past. Actor Shahrukh Khan was quoted as saying that “Women actors work five times harder and get paid 10 times less than men (in Bollywood)”. Echoing a similar sentiment, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi said “We (women) clawed our way into this revolution at workplace…we have to have equal treatment.” While Squash star Dipika Pallikal had boycotted the National Squash Championship last year, protesting unequal prize money for men and women.
Sharing her thoughts, Kangana Ranaut, Brand Ambassador, Reebok India said, “I have personally experienced inequality on the professional front, on several occasions, and have fought my way up the ladder, to stand shoulder to shoulder with my male counterparts. I identify very strongly with Reebok’s FitToFight campaign and especially with this year’s theme of ‘Girls Don’t Fight’.”
In the new TVC, the protagonist is shown not being acknowledged and compensated for her efforts at the work place. Instead of accepting the unfair decision, she demands of her male bosses a parity in pay. In her journey, the protagonist is seen drawing courage and strength from the motivator, the voice inside every woman – Kangana Rananut, who encourages her to stay strong and stand up for her rights. Drawing a reference to mental perseverance stemming from physical fitness, the film showcases the protagonist excelling in the gym circuit and concludes with her demanding “Equal pay, if you want me to stay” from her male bosses.
Concluding with a powerful message ‘Fight more, Be more Human’, the film is a call to all women to be fearless in the face of adversity. The film reiterates how physical fitness translates into overall fitness of not just the body, but also mind and personality. Through this video, Kangana invites women across the country to share their inspiring stories, and gives them a chance to get recognized for their courage and fighting spirit.
The film is also a call to action, where interested participants can share their stories at or upload the same on social media with using #fittofight. Their stories will be evaluated by a prominent panel which will include Kangana herself. Some of the most powerful stories will be brought to life and will be promoted on Reebok’s digital assets. To felicitate these women, Reebok will host its second edition of FitToFight awards in December this year where the brand will host select women from across the country and salute their spirit with ambassador Kangana Ranaut.
To view the new film on #FitToFight, click here.
As part of the second edition of the #FightToFight campaign, Reebok had released another powerful film addressing the issue of eve-teasing, earlier last month. To view that film, click here.
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