Wai Wai wins instant favour in South India

May 31st, 2017

Mumbai:One of the world’s most popular ready to eat noodle brands Wai Wai has made landmark impact in south India, ever since its launch, especially in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and has proved to the fastest growing brand in the category. The entire range of the Wai Wai noodles has won wide support and is today commanding a market share of nearly 15 % in the south India region alone. Wai Wai is pre-cooked and flavoured before packaging, so it can be eaten straight from the package or cooked in soup form. In fact, the very tagline gives an indication of the ways Wai Wai can be enjoyed.

Munch it: It is ready to eat on the move, comes with two taste-makers and onion oil for flavour. Hence the snack satisfies those in-between meals, cravings when hunger kicks in – 4 pm to 7 pm which is too late after lunch and too early for dinner. Or just for a college student working late in the night. 

Soup it: Here, just adding more water, makes a heart-warming soup with noodles, and is a meal in itself. It is perhaps a lot healthier than the many fried options! 

Lunch it:  But of course, the original preparation of instant noodles of course works best – eat it by adding boiling hot water and waiting 3 mins. To add vegetables, chicken, tofu, paneer etc or whatever flavour is desired for a healthy, wholesome, heart-warming meal. And it is a filling treat too.

Wai Wai has been the market leader in Nepal and North East India for decades and  had decided to expand aggressively in South India  from mid of  2016. Even in this short phase of time it has become the preferred brand due to its unique taste, the quality of the noodles, the special taste and flavours of its seasoning and the myriad ways in which it can consumed.

Wai Wai is the original and authentic noodle, launched more than 30 years ago in Nepal, and the North East of India.  It is the absolute leader in Nepal and in the North East with over 70% market share. The choices itself are so varied that they offer a plethora of options:  

A. Brown Noodles (Ready to eat Noodles, which can be consumed directly from the pack, as it is already pre-cooked), 

B. White Noodles (Instant Noodles-need to cook & eat), 

C. Cup Noodles,    

D. Hakka Noodles    

E. Noodles Bhujia

A similar range is also available in taste and flavour which staves off familiarity and gives many choices to the consumer. The taste palate ranges from simple veg and chicken to quick curry, pizza noodles, masala fusion, masala delight and the very novel Jain noodles. The sampling exercises carried out in the sophisticated south India market yielded positive results especially in towns and cities with a large youth population and which are also centres of learning with a number of university and college students.

To support the demands of the South India market and to ensure that the supply channels to our discerning customers in the region remain uninterrupted, a bespoke plant has been set up in Chittoor itself. With this new manufacturing capability, the brand is being produced in  manufacturing plants across India including Guwahati, Purnea, Sikkim, Rudrapur, Silchar and Chittoor. It manufactures 2.3 billion packets of Wai Wai annually, and it is being sold in more than 35 countries across the globe.


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