Your voice, Your ride

August 9th, 2017

Mumbai:The campaign #WhateverYourRide celebrates the enduring spirit of bikers who follow their dreams and passion for riding irrespective of age and other stereotypes.
The video offers an insight into the journey of a 70 year old biker who goes on a road trip to self-discovery and liberation- a trip long overdue. The biker’s feeling of fulfilment and freedom comes out very clearly and is an inspiration to all viewers to follow their dreams fearlessly and pursue their passion for riding.
The campaign also highlights the fearlessness of the riders who dare to conquer everything – from raging desserts and misty valleys to stifling city traffic. The video was entirely conceptualized and developed by the creative team of a reputed global energy company. It was shot in Ladakh and the music in the background is also its original composition.
The digital campaign is live on websiteFacebookTwitter.
Source:BrandsDisplay Team
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